There are plenty of relationships that only see romance as a one-way street. They think that the boyfriend should always do romantic things for the girlfriend, and that the girlfriend does not need to do anything. While this may work for some, it is not the best way to go about a relationship.

It is important for women to take charge and do a few romantic things for their boyfriends. It helps to show the boyfriend that they are appreciated, wanted, and loved. These 6 different ideas will give you romantic things to do for your boyfriend.

Kiss Him Passionately

Passionate kisses can be some of the most romantic kisses possible. Try to pull off these kisses at unusual times and unusual places. Do you normally give your boyfriend a peck on the cheek when he goes out the door for work?

Give him a long, passionate kiss instead. This simple change can help to re-ignite passion and romance in your relationship.

Buy New Lingerie

Men are often turned on by women who go out of their way to do something special for them. Buy some new lingerie and show it off for him the next time that you are alone with him. This simple gesture can be seen as both romantic and sexy.

Make Him Dinner

Everyone likes to be pampered and taken care of. Prepare and cook a meal for your boyfriend, especially if you both live busy lives. Taking the time to make him dinner will be seen as a romantic and caring gesture.

Buy Him Tickets

Does your boyfriend have a favorite sports team? Buy him tickets to a home game for that team. You will be able to go to the game together, sharing a romantic moment that is completely linked with one of his favorite things.

Give Him a Massage

A massage can be one of the most romantic things that you can do for someone that you love. A massage helps to relax your boyfriend and make him feel less-tense. The fact that you are willing to give him a massage with no expectations of a return will be seen as a romantic gesture.

Tell Him He’s Hot

Words can often be one of the most powerful tools that we use. Use your words to make your boyfriend feel good about himself. Simple phrases like “wow, you look hot” or “you’re so sexy!” will help to boost his confidence. While he may not realize it, this brings a new level of romance into your relationship.

Take the time to think about all of the different romantic things to do for your boyfriend. You can bring different ideas together to create one romantic evening, or can spread them out to bring multiple nights of romantic bliss. Taking the time to do romantic things for your boyfriend will help to strengthen your relationship, and will help to make your boyfriend as happy as physically possible.