Best Ways To Get Your Ex Back


get your ex back

The last thing you thought you would have to worry about was how to get your ex back and the realization that the relationship you just ended was the perfect relationship for you.

It happens a lot, people get caught up in the day to day of living and they let their relationship go a little bit and before they know it they just do not feel the connection with their partner that they used to feel.  It can be easy to mistake this common issue with lost love.  If that has happened to you and you want to set things right, here are the best ways to get your ex back.

Reasons to get your ex back

Before we get into the steps, I want you to carefully consider a few things.  One thing you need to consider is what is the reason you want to get your ex back.  This is extremely important because it is way too easy to decide you want to get your ex back for the wrong reasons.  You may be able to convince yourself that you want them back because you love them, and maybe you still do, but if you were okay with the breakup until you heard they started dating someone else than suddenly you decided they were your soul mate, that’s the wrong reason.

Another common reason, that many people do not admit to themselves, is they just do not want to have to go through the hassle of finding someone new. It would seem easier and less work to get your ex back. Both of these things can be in the background without you really being aware of them so you need to take a minute, catch your breath and honestly analyze your motives.

You also have to have realistic expectations. While even the most impossible situations can work out, every situation is different and the people in the relationships are different. While this strategy to get your ex back has worked for many, many people it may not work for you. If your ex simply does not care for you anymore, there is nothing more you can do but to walk away with your head held high.  Do not make things worse by trying to get your ex back beyond all hope or reason, learn when it’s time to move on and let go.

If you really want the best chance possible to get your ex back, your best approach is to give them some space while you live your life.

This is hard to do.  For one thing, you will miss them, want to talk to them and get your ex back as soon as possible. Another common issue is that it is easy to worry that they will meet someone new and get over you.  Though that may seem viable, it really is not.  It takes time to fall out of love with someone. If your ex still loves you, they will not fall for someone else soon after you have broken up. When I say ‘soon’ I mean for months, maybe longer.  It takes time to get someone out of your heart and head.  So give them space and do not worry about what they are doing, you have your own life to live.

While you are giving your ex space you should  be spending a lot of time with your friends and family, only the happy positive ones.  Live your life to the fullest.  This will show your ex that you are still the fun loving, emotionally free person they fell in love with; at the same time promoting ties that will get your ex back.  It will also allow you some much needed peace from your own thoughts. While you won’t totally forget about your ex, if you are spending fun times with friends you may just be able to get a little relief from your pain.

If you want to get your ex back and you feel there is a chance at reconciling, both of you will need to commit 100% to working on the issues in your relationship. It is common for one person to want it more than the other so they will be willing to put in more work, the problem is that that approach does not work. You both made the problems you will both have to solve the problems otherwise there is not any hope. After you have spent some time apart from your ex, call them and ask if they want to get together. When you meet, keep things easy going, and when you talk about your relationship, pay very close attention to the way they respond. That will tell you all you need to know.

These steps are the best ways to get your ex back, they don’t work all the time but they do work most of the time.  Go for it, see what happens – with the right mindset and a plan you have a good chance to get your ex back.

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